The Rebel Alliance Clan, in association with the Global Defense Organization

Welcome to the Rebel Alliance Clan

Our group, the Rebel Alliance, can neither be determined as Professional or Casual. Rather, we are a collection of talented players who have our priorities straight in work and education. We are an established clan that has what it takes to win through communication and team-based strategy, built upon a solid foundation in each player's strengths. In competitive gaming, we achieve victory through our ability to outmaneuver our enemy after predicting their strategy.

The Rebel Alliance was established as a Warhawk clan in 2007, and has expanded to many other games and platforms. Our member-base holds over 70 like-minded people that not only share multiplayer gaming feats, but opinions on current events, sports, ideologies, and more.

We strive to provide the best experience possible through sportsman-like conduct and an organized line of communication among our members.

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